Gayatrri is a Metaphysical Counselor, Speaker, Trainer, Healer and Life Coach.

Gayatrri’s trainings and workshops have transformed countless lives. Her mission is to empower people worldwide with the inner resources and outer skills in a holistic and loving way, so that they can be open to the limitless possibilities the Universe has to offer the, thereby helping them to achieve all their dreams.


At a time in life when nothing seemed to be working out and all doors seemed closed, her need to understand the larger picture of life and to empower herself set her on a beautiful journey of self-discovery, and changing her life forever. She bid farewell to her successful teaching carrier, as she had found her calling!!


Gayatrri trained with Dr. Patricia Crane and Rick Nichols from Heart Inspired Presentations to qualify as a Heal Your Life® workshop Trainer and Coach (U.K). She also holds the Certificate Of Science in Theta Healing From Idaho Falls,(U.S.A). She is also a Trainer for Angel Miracle Classes(Trained by Charles Virtue), therby getting the magical and mystical essence of the masters and Angels, in her classes. In addition she is a consultant and Trainer for Tarot. In her desire to find meaning to her life, she has extensively studied Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Emotional Empowerment Technique, NLP and Reiki.

Gayatrri's jouney has been inspired by the teachings and philosophy of Sai Baba of Shridi, Paramahansa Yogananda, Louise Hay, Diana Cooper, Doreen Virtue, Esther and Jerry Hicks, Marriane Williamson, Ruzbeh.N.Barucha, Milton Erickson and Dr.Brian Weiss, Vianna Stibal.

Gayatrri travels across the country and overseas delivering seminars, workshops, training programs and coaching sessions to people from all walks of life, putting in motion the wheels for positive change.Her classes are fun, loving and life transforming, inspiring people to change and fill all aspects of their life such as health, career, relationships, wealth with more love and happiness.

SCHOOL OF METAPHYSICS AND HEALING -is her endeavor to inspire people to form an inner connection and love themselves. She believes that we all have what it take to live a happy, joyous and prosperous life. But we need to take the first step towards embracing our magnificence. The school is a safe, gentle, loving place for motivational, inspirational ideas to help you discover your true self, your life’s purpose, and your natural goals for success.

HER MOTTO -- Inspiring people the world over to a new level of thinking, and connecting with their true self and thereby with their Divine Plan. Understanding who they are, accessing the unlimited potential that they’ve got, and how to more effectively and successfully use their skills and abilities to manifest a life of their dreams!!


Gayatrri believes that it’s never too late to start. All you need is “WILLINGNESS” and an “OPEN HEART AND MIND.” At the end of the day she believes that

we all want only one thing, which is “To Love And Be Loved.”

Loving Yourself is a prerequisite to attracting joy, abundance, wellness, meaningful experiences and above all Happiness

Each of us has an enormous ‘Well of Love’ within, and when we allow it to come forth, it flows out of us.


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