In all Humility and Gratitude
Attending the workshop was a dream come true! Never knew prayers would be answered so soon and that too with easy, grace and honour. Many of my unanswered questions got directions and I could really experience the spiritual journey during the meditations. The entire process from day one to day three was taught in a manner, that we could grasp the knowledge very easily. Gayatrri is truly a master of her work and doing the workshop with her is a pleasure. She is very humble and always there for us, supporting us in every way. Looking forward for many more enlightening workshops because you are definitely a medium/ source of my spiritual journey. May God bless you always and you continue to spread peace and happiness which in turn will come back to manifolds.
Guninder Kaur
School Teacher
I see Gayatrri going great with this work. Gayatrri is a warm, loving person and know her job very well. She cares about the class and all her participants and ensures that work gets done. Her Approach is simple, clear and effective.
Amit Singh
Jikiden Reiki Healer
It was an amazing workshop. Gayatrri our facilitator was very helpful and made everything in the workshop so easy yet so very effective, that I have definitely benefited a lot and this work for sure has changed my life for good. Thank you Gayatrri for this amazing workshop..
Vivek Singh
Reiki Healer
There are very few genuine people I’ve met, especially in the healing circuit if I can call it that and Gayatrri Bhartiya stands on top. It’s been more than three years now and I am happy to say she’s a dear dear friend and a terrific, God-gifted healer, who’s aim is not to hoard money unlike others, but to empower people who come to her.

Never have I come across someone who’s as giving as Gayatrri. She helped me resolve problems with my heavenly mother who visited me on my birthday as I sat in Gayatrri’s office and as I wept in happy reunion, it was Gayatrri who wiped my tears. She has always encouraged and guided me. I learned tarot from her, she made me believe in my intuition and work on my skills as a healer. I attended her Angels workshop and have had some beautiful experiences and validations by God’s lights — angels. She is a giving teacher as well, and whoever has met her has always praised her genuine interest and polite demeanour. 

Another very important factor in my life is getting over the fear of water since many years. Gayatrri through Healing helped me get over this very old fear and now I no longer feel scared as I close my eyes and think about water. 

My bestest wishes are with her, I know she loves and cares for me, as much as I do.
Saumya Bhatia


I had undertaken speech therapy treatment from Dr.Gayatrri Bhartiya.I had a severe stammering problem due to which I was very conscious of meeting people ,going to social gatherings etc.

I had a fear of people making fun of my stammering and so i always chose to keep quiet rather than making a conversation with people. At the time of joining I was not very confident of the results,but after taking 10-12 sessions only i saw a remarkable change in me and I was extremely happy about the results and also happy with the compliments I received from everybody around.I feel confident as I had no such problem ever and I love to converse with people now with no fear in my mind.

Gayatrri always supported me at every level and helped build my confidence to such a level , I never thought I would be.

Thanks Gayatrri for making my life better !!!
Shivaani R Jain
Sweet Sensations
(Couture Confectionery)
I meet gayatri di, through instinct, i felt a  strong connect to ask her guidance! Her guidance is very effortless, and she is very connected n free to talk to too. Di is very approachable, and her guidance is simple at the same time healing and applicable !

Her healing really helped me to understand deeper aspects of my own issue, n she helps u too to set urself free, which is most important in spiritual healing, to help the person then to be on their own, after helping them.

Gayaytrri is very genuine, and helped to gain a lot clarity in what i was looking for. Also now I consider her good friend, and at times i need help she is always there! I m looking forward to learn more n new things from her!

Thank you:):).... With alll my heart.
Jaya Jain
Yoga teacher!
Gayatrri, my healer, my teacher, my friend and above all my soul sister... I want to Thank you for being there for me whenever i need you. The Theta healing I experienced with you as a healer ; has healed me at many levels and helped me overcome various challenges in my career. I have to say that post this healing experience, my career has taken a huge leap for the best. I have always looked up to you for any healing requirements for my family and want to Thank you for always being there for all of us. I remember this one time when I dropped boiling hot water on my fingers, i requested you for a healing.The next day my fingers were perfectly fine; not even a single blister on them. Like the time when my dearest grandmother was critical in ICU and in a matter of a week back home. Also like how my husband's high blood pressure was normal within a few weeks. Thank you for all these wonderful healings, you are truly blessed.

I am also blessed to have you as my teacher for Theta Healing Basic DNA2 , whose teaching style is so friendly yet very professional. I do look forward to many more learning and sharing experiences with you. What I really love about you as a teacher, is that not only are you there when I need you but you also always remind me that I am empowered enough to heal and transform situations.

Love you, Love you, Love you. Thank you, Thank you,Thank you.
Ekta Saran
Brand Manager

Thank you Gayatrri, the workshop was a true eye opener. There were so many memories which were hidden in the back of my mind and I have learnt to truly love and accept myself and also understand the perspective of others around me, by being more accepting and loving towards my own self. Life seems very easy, full of love and I can enjoy every moment irrespective of the ups and downs. Also I can now connect to others more openly.

Nandini Taggar


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