I would like to place on record the following: a) I was at a low point in my life, both financially and physically, when I first met you in August 2010. While I was sceptical initially regarding anyone being able to cure me, my first meeting with you, when you completely healed my mother of a year long illness, removed any doubts I had. Not only did you heal a malady in my mother that had become chronic and apparently had "no cure" in modern medical science, you actually made her younger and healthier. For this I will always be grateful. Furthermore, you went on to heal my wife and me. I went through several past life regressions with you and actually got answers to all that I had been searching for. After losing my entire business (20 years work) and a debilitating illness, that almost took my life, you helped me gain confidence and heal mentally and physically. For this I thank you once again. b) During the course of my own healing, you introduced and then nurtured the thought of my taking up healing myself. THIS, I was hugely sceptical about - till the time you requested me to take one of your Basic DNA classes. Going through that class, I learnt a lot about life and actually realized (as you had clearly known) that I did have some God-granted ability to heal others in distress. Thanks to your excellent teaching, patient hearings, and caring encouragement, I have been an instrument of healing for several people. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing out this hidden gift and for running a magnificent Basic DNA class. I wish I was closer to you so I could do the advanced classes too.
Ashish Janmeja
Copy Editor Canada
My healing with Gayatrri began way before I learnt the class from her. I was in a very traumatic relationship with a man, who after a year of suffering daily, I decided to break up with him. But being abused and torchered everyday, I was very hurt and could never possibly forgive him and this was hampering my life on a daily basis and i was very scared to get into any other relationship. When I did a couple of sessions with gayatrri, I figured that all these programs that lay in my subconcious, were causing me to attract such problems and people of this nature, making it a pattern in my life. With the awareness I started healing in many ways inside everyday,and finally I broke my pattern. It took some time but I'm in a much better place in my mind and in my life. My first experience with Gayatrri Bhartiya, as a teacher, was in june 2011, when she taught me the basic level of theta healing. Truly what an enthralling experience! With the help of her notes and her intensive research, the class was fun as well as very transformative! The overall learning, may it be great examples, to which we could relate to and apply in our lives. The method of teaching and her healing technique was all together life changing for me! Truly a beautiful healer and a great teacher! I just want to thank you gayatrri, for bringing in this change in me and beginning my spiritual journey!

Haasya Chandna

Fashion Designer Mumbai

A few years back, I started suffering from pain in my calf muscles.Initially I ignored it but after a while, it became more intense and constant.For more than a year, I tried different doctors, allopathy, homoeopathy and yoga but nothing seemed to make a difference.Then I visited Gayatrri Bhartiya for healing and she assured me that in a few sessions i would certainly feel a difference. But miraculously, my first session turned out to be my last because within that one hour, my leg pain vanished and since then,more than a year back it has not reoccurred.I'm really grateful to Gayatrri for making my life so much easier.
Nandini Bhartiya
Housewife Delhi
It was divine providence that a friend told me about Gayatrri at a time when I had realised I had hit a roadblock in life and nothing seemed to move it. Yet for months I stalled calling her, and then she was out of the country. When finally I did call Gayatrri I only knew I needed some healing. I did not know what to expect, I had only heard the term 'Theta Healing'; all I knew was I was ready to try. Working with Gayatrri has been a wonderful experience, as a healer she is concerned yet discreet and not intrusive, as a person warm and attractive at all levels. Gayatrri got me to think and talk. Talk, not to get information for herself but to get me to listen to myself. I realised through her how often one avoids going 'deep in' its not always pleasant to face some truths. Gayatrri has gently brought home to me how many issues I have brushed under the carpet. I don't fear dealing with them now. The manifestation of this change is that earlier I used to run after assignments often in vain and now barely out of one assignment another has actually 'walked' to me. Earlier I got lesser than I expected, now its the opposite. Relationships are warmer, no longer do I feel victimised. There is no outward change in relationships, THEY have not changed. The pattern has changed! Gayatrri did not remove the road blocks; she showed me how to move past them. She empowered me. I am not quite there but she's got me on the road and I am inching past the roadblocks.
Neeraja Phatak
Consultant on Children's Rights Issues Noida



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