Do you feel that your life is out of control, and nothing seems to be going right?

Inspite of all your efforts you don’t seem to have peace of mind, joy and happiness in your heart and success in your career?

Everybody else seems to be prospering but you!

The Fact is that deep within you have patterns, habits, feelings and beliefs that are limiting you from moving ahead in life........

The GOOD NEWS is that if WE are WILLING to Change, then within us there is an enormous capacity to change and move from a space of pain to power, from being a victim to victory.

When you work with a qualified therapist and Life Coach you can find the answers to your problems (mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, life patterns, addictions etc..) and always be gently and lovingly be guided and supported in your journey, without any judgment. It gives you a space to be

who you are!!


Some of the Healing Modalities practiced by Gayatrri are:

• Hynotherapy

• Past life Regression

• Theta Healing

• Angel Healing

• Emotional Freedom Technique

• Jikiden Reiki

Heal Your Life® Coaching

Gayatrri may use one of the above or combine 2-3 modalities to help you get the desired result.

The first session entails discussion of your problems and requirements. We can then decide whether your problems can be resolved by the above mentioned healing modalities.You are then free to decide whether you wish to proceed.

The Heal Your Life® Coaching sessions can be done via SKYPE also.





To participate, please write to or Call +91 9810470997
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