From the time that we are born to the time we leave....we are never alone. We are always guided, protected and surrounded by our angels. God talks to us in different signs and his messages are carried to us by angels.

Every blade of grass has its ‘Angel’ that bends over it and whispers ‘grow, grow' .Their message is one...We Are Never ALONE .

Our planet Earth is undergoing a shift in consciousness so that we can all live at a higher frequency of love, wisdom, co-operation and peace. We are incredibly blessed to be incarnated right now because the opportunities for spiritual growth are enormous. We are being offered an opportunity to create Heaven on Earth and the Angels are here to assist us.


Angels are messengers of Divine energy and are very high frequency beings.

They live in a dimension where their frequency is so high they are usually invisible to humans. They have never incarnated on this planet. They act as messengers between Divine and us and also carry out the bidding of the Higher Source.


Guardian Angels

Every single person has a Guardian Angel who protects and looks after them. Your Guardian Angel keeps the divine blueprint for your life, which you agreed before you were born, and he whispers guidance to you to keep you on your chosen spiritual path. Usually we think the whispered guidance of angels is our own inspired thoughts or bright ideas!

Your Guardian Angel is with you throughout all your incarnationslovingly radiating light towards you.

The frequency on the planet is rising and therefore more humans can sense their presence. Angels and Archangels continue to flock to Earth as never before and we can learn about them and connect to them for guidance - Relationships, Career, Health, Abundance, Spiritual progress, Romance etc. They are waiting and longing to help you, but under the Spiritual Law they cannot do so unless you ask them to. When we open ourselves to ask and hear our angels' messages, they are delighted to assist you, protect you and smooth your path whenever possible and every aspect of our lives become more peaceful.


Angels always see the best in us

Above all, your Guardian Angel and all the Angels working with you see your highest potential and guide you to achieve your dreams – your heart’s desire. They will help you move forward into a life of Joy, Abundance, Love and Freedom, which is your true birthright.

This is really exciting, as everything is interconnected, and as each of us experiences more joy, love and peace in our lives, this creates a ripple effect, like a pebble dropped in a lake, touching off everyone and everything else around us – giving us the possibility of Creating Heaven on Earth.

If you would like to be a light going out into the world, finding your own and showing others the way, then this course will help you to manifest your dreams.


This course will :

Provide you with powerful techniques to heal and develop your light body and accelerate your spiritual progress
Help you connect with the Angels and Archangels for your own benefit and for others


Get to Know Your Personal Guardian Angels
Connect and Communicate with the Angels & Archangels
An understanding of Angels, Archangels and the Angelic Hierarchy
The principles of Healing with Angels
Angel Signs & Sounds, singing, chanting sacred mantras etc
Experience the power of sacred sound and Healing with color
Angel Invocations
Protection & Space clearing with Angels
Channeling & Wishing with Angels
Angel Oracle Card Readings 
Experience Angel Journeys and visit their Retreats 
Angel Ceremonies for Healing & Guidance
Practice ways of raising your consciousness to access the cosmic heart


To participate, please write to or Call +91 9810470997
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