Do Any Of These Statements Hold True For You

I don’t feel adequately appreciated

Everyone expects too much of me

I am always over loaded with work

People don’t understand me

I have to constantly prove myself

I don’t experience enough joy and creativity at work

I don’t earn enough

Life is stressful

I can’t assert myself

I experience stress. My energy levels are low

My performance is never good enough

I need a vacation

If three or more of the above statements resonate with you, then you may be experiencing ‘Emotional Dissonance at Workplace’.

We spend 70% of our time at the workplace and much of that is spent dealing with issues.” Good questions to ask ourselves is:

Are we Happy?

Do we experience energy, vitality, joy & fulfilment at work


do we feel burdened, unhappy & disengaged?

At any workplace the external environment certainly matters. However, there is an even more important environment that affects us considerably, and that is the environment between our ears-the inner environment.

Often we do not have control over how other people behave. However, the good news is that we do have control over how we react to it and whether we allow it to affect us.

It is time to Master the Inner Game and make a quantum shift from just barely surviving to successfully thriving. Now is time to recognise the abundant potential within and take charge of our own happiness.

The ‘Heart Centred Business Training’ program is designed to help all levels in an organization make the quantum shift required for mastering the
Inner Game.


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