If you are one of the millions of people unhappy in your current job, this exciting course will assist you in identifying your special skills and abilities and how they match up with your ideal life work, whether it’s a traditional job or self-employment. When you complete all the sessions, you’ll be clear about all the steps to your perfect life work. In this course, you’ll explore attitudes and beliefs about work and earning money; identify your passion, mission, skills and abilities; and develop a plan to be in your life work.

Finding Your Ideal Life Purpose Class will help you:

          • Identify your life purpose, passion, and mission

         • Let go of limiting beliefs about work and money

         • Discover your unique skills and abilities

         • Use the power of intentions, affirmations and visualization

         • Research the possibilities

         • Use the Convergence Model to bring it all together




To participate, please write to info@gayatrribhartiya.com or Call +91 9810470997
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