Advanced Heal Your Life® workshop
Based on the philosophy of Louise Hay


Pre requisites :
You should have attended the 2 day Love yourself, Heal Your Life® workshop.
Done Mirror work and Affirmations
Read the book "You Can Heal Your Life"



You've read the book, attended the first workshop
and done your affirmations....

Now you can go to your next level of healing!

This workshop is a healing journey in which we will explore our vast inner universe more deeply.

New exercises, meditations and processes will lead us to priceless treasures which lie within us all, treasures which contain the keys to Transform those "stuck and resistant" places in Health, Relationships, Career, Finances etc

Can you imagine the transformation that these 2 days will bring in your life....

Experience and Express even more Love, Joy and Freedom.





To participate, please write to or Call +91 9810470997
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