Have you been struggling to shed a few pounds... or perhaps MORE than just a few? Do you battle against the fad diets with no sustained success, end up feeling bad about yourself?

You're not alone. Most weight loss programs focus on behavioral choices and that's why they fail.The underlying foundation for long term weight loss and achieving a healthy body lies in other factors. Most programs don't take into account the uniqueness of every body. No one food and exercise plan fits all.

The secret to permanent, and healthy, weight loss is centered in your self image

and self-esteem... NOT what and how you eat. You will experience a significant difference in your results when you start by treating yourself in a loving and accepting way.


In this powerful CONSCIOUS approach to weight loss, you will learn:

• the first step you MUST take for success

• the vital questions to ask when you assess your eating habits

• how to make small changes that yield big dividends over time

• the mental skills for success with weight loss

• visualizations for helping you achieve your goals

• the emotional and spiritual skills you need for achieving the healthy body you want NOW

• how to create a unique food and exercise plan to fit your lifestyle




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