A recent survey in the US showed that the majority of people are feeling MORE stress than they did a few years ago. Stress affects the body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

Your body can respond stressfully to a range of situations, from “small” ones like getting stuck in traffic, to “big” ones like challenges on the job or in relationships. When you are responding to these situations, your immune system is lowered, you have less creativity to solve your problems, you may feel helpless and overwhelmed, and you lose touch with your spiritual source.

The good news is: there are many effective ways to reduce your stress and recover joy and well- being in your life!


In this powerful, comprehensive online course you will:


•complete an assessment to determine how stressed you are now

• learn a variety of relaxation exercises to help you body release the effects of stress

• discover powerful mental techniques to literally shift your experience of feeling stressed to feeling calm within moments

• learn a technique for releasing anxiety and anger

• discover the power of affirmations to create more peace and harmony in your life

• enjoy more humor and fun to reduce stress

• learn to accomplish more in less time

• develop communication skills that improve relationships and reduce a major source of stress

• bring to light your life purpose



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